Monday, June 13, 2011


                  Anna Reutinger's GRUB by GMA collection: "MEAT CUBE"
 Her designs are inspired by food "from kitchen to closet" Her first piece that came out is called 'meat cube', a girl in a short tie dye dress wore a plastic cube over her dress! So ingenious :) The models came out playfully, and flirty like Reutinger's collection: Unique and out of this world!
                                                                Macaroons by Reutinger

         I love that grey Jeffrey Cambell platform shoes on the runway

Anna Reutinger came out with a long sunkissed skirt with strappy sandals

                                                 Dress: Forever 21
                    Shoes: Dolce Vita
                    Yellow clutch: Banana Republic

                                      My good friend Jan Victor Andasan :)

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