Saturday, May 14, 2011


EVENT: Blac Mera Fashion Show by Yuliana Candra
Where: Agenda Loft Downtown Los angeles

                                                       Venue: Agenda loft

                                                          The boyfriend and moi
What I wore: Rose shift dress with pocket from URBAN OUTFITTERS and necklace from ANTHROPOLOGIE

     These designs are inspired by Moroccan Kaftan, and handpainted by artisan on Dolce and Gabbana Italian silk chiffon.These Kaftan's remind me of an abstract painting from the Musee d'orsay in Paris

Thursday, May 5, 2011


                                                            ALEXX JAE & MILK
My favorite that night was the Alex and Milk Collection. The first set of the designers Fall 2011 collection  was the burgundy fur vest and crop top combo. A mesh of summer and fall in one outfit

  What caught my eye from this piece was the cross chain body necklace.Again the summer and fall clothing intertwines as seen in the eye popping orange sunkist knee high socks.

Alexx Jae and Milk does an amazing job with the pleather shift dress. I love this collection particularly because I am a fan of minimalist look but Alexx Jae and Milk adds interesting pieces like eye popping color knee high's, chain cross over chain, furry vests over cropped tops!!!

What I wore: White sheer top from KAITLYN, necklace from a local jewelry shop, bag: Chanel

                                                                  Me and Julie

                                                         KATIE MAE COLLECTION
This fall's must! Red shorts and Red Blazers and wide leg trousers